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We offer a broad range of quality snack food products to the market that can be categorized into the following segments:
  • Jelly products, which comprise jelly snacks and jelly beverages;
  • Confectionary products, which primarily include lollipops, milk candies, gummy candies and chocolates; and
  • Other products, which comprise powdered milk tea, dried bean curd products and baked products.

We maintain high standards of quality in all our products and follow stringent quality control procedures throughout our production processes. We obtained QS Food Production Permits (食品生產許可證) for all our production facilities and ISO 9001 and HACCP certifications for our Fujian and Tianjin production facilities. For the year ended December 31, 2010, sales from our jelly products, confectionary products and other products accounted for 83.3%, 11.4% and 5.3% of our sales, respectively.

Our main products are jelly products, which comprise jelly snacks and jelly beverages. Jelly snacks comprise the largest component of our jelly products sales and we have over 500 SKU of jelly snacks, such as fruit-flavored jellies, jellies filled with canned fruit, yogurt jellies and jelly mousse. We offer our jelly snacks in different flavors and sizes ranging from 16 gram cup-sized jellies to 200 gram bowl-sized jellies. We market our jelly snacks under our core brand “Labixiaoxin” and a number of sub-brands such as “Eden Bar” (“異度果吧”), “Qingmeiwuyu” (“青梅物語”) and “Zhenguoduo” (“珍果多”). We offer over 40 SKU of jelly beverages comprising a variety of flavors and serving sizes, with packages ranging from 40 grams to 350 grams. We market our jelly beverages under our core brand “Labixiaoxin” and a number of sub-brands such as “Fresh Q” (“鮮Q”) and “Xixi Jelly” (“吸吸果凍”). We recently launched “Vegi-fruit Party” (“蔬果派對”), a new jelly beverage, to the market.

We also market and sell confectionary products which primarily include, lollipops, milk candies, gummy candies and chocolates. Our other products primarily consist of powdered milk tea, which we launched to the market in 2006. In addition to powdered milk tea, we began to market and sell a small quantity of dried bean curd products in late 2010 under the “Xiangdoufang” (“鄉豆坊”) brand.

Jelly Products

Powdered Milk Tea